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Healing in the Form of Bone Growth

Posted by on May 28, 2014 in Blogs | 0 comments

140318093220-largeOral cancer has been seen to take a cruel toll on many individuals. It has silenced the voice of a famous film critic and even brought an NBA coach to tears.

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Revolutionizing Dentistry with Technology

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cerecbluecam1Got a broken tooth? No problem! Your well-trained dentist has a covered. But what exactly is the process of getting the tooth fixed? Traditionally, to repair the tooth, the dentist need to make a model of the tooth and the surrounding area using mold and an impression of your mouth would need to be taken down to a dental laboratory to make a crown. The dentist will make a temporary crown until the permanent crown comes in after a week or two. This is a pretty reliable procedure to go by, but what if technology says that we can do better?

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Mighty Enamel

Posted by on May 14, 2014 in Blogs | 1 comment

zybna_emalsadasdasdasEnamel, the toughest material in the human body–we’ve all heard this before. We’ve heard it so much that we’ve learned to take it for granted. Sure, it’s supposed to last you a lifetime, but this really depends on how you treat your enamel.

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The Secret is in the Gums

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It’s not new to dentists that their patients aren’t always 100% on top of maintaining their oral health. It’s especially easy to fall behind on consistent flossing, and many think that they can get away with out flossing for some time. The consequences of lack of maintaining oral health may result in varying severity for different people; however, no doubt that bacteria continue to grow and feed on leftover food and sugars in the mouth. Lack of proper oral care can lead to inflamed and bleeding gums, bone loss, all symptoms pointing to gum disease.

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What Puts the Hops in Beer Can Battle Cavities!

Posted by on Apr 16, 2014 in Blogs | 2 comments

malthopBeer enthusiasts should have a pretty good understanding of what makes their choices of beer special. Many are inclined to choose beers known for their hops, which are flowers that give a drink its uniqueness in bitterness and aroma. But how exactly does this have to do with oral health? When hops are incorporated into a drink, the leftover leaves are usually tossed and unused. However, sciences have found that these leaves contain healthy antioxidants that may be the key to preventing cavities and periodontal disease.

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