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Snacks for Healthy Teeth

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Healthy Snacks for Kids and AdultsLooking for healthy snack alternatives? There are a lot of tasty snacks that are less damaging to teeth. Eating healthy foods can help protect you and your child from tooth decay and other oral health problems. It is important to avoid sugary snacks. The bacteria in plaque found on teeth turns sugar into acids. These acids deteriorate tooth enamel, which can lead to cavities. The more times you consume sugary snacks throughout the day, the more often bacteria is able to produce acids. Limiting sugar intake can improve oral health!

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Genes Play an Important Role in Oral Health

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Genes Play an Important Role in Oral HealthIt’s easy to blame cavities on the ton of sugar that was consumed or the lack of brushing and caring for teeth. However, what if we can control how our body fights off oral bacteria before we consume any sugar or decide skip out on flossing? Recent published in the Australian Dental Journal demonstrated that the field of epigenetics could play a crucial role in making these dental dreams come true. 

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Dental Hygiene Habits to Break that Cause Plaque

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tooth brush trainingKeep plaque from forming on your teeth by avoiding poor dental hygiene habits. Plaque is a colorless film of bacteria that sticks to teeth. The bacteria within plaque releases acids that deteriorate tooth enamel. Brushing and flossing regularly can easily remove plaque. However, as time passes and plaque builds up on teeth, it steadily hardens, forming tartar. Tartar is not easily removable and can cause gum disease. Instilling good habits will make for healthy teeth and a knockout smile!

Win the battle against plaque by dodging these bad habits for your oral health:

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Going Green into the Spring!

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Copy of sunflowerGoing green at Wellesley Dental Group is a goal we have been working toward for years. The environment is certainly important to all of us, and as a business we want to limit our negative impact on the Earth. 

  • Our office has recently completed an energy audit and we are looking into solar panel installation. The local solar initiative has been an inspiration for us to re-think our energy consumption and further invest in going green. Creating your own clean energy is not only a great economic choice but also is a step towards a common goal of creating a better environment for our children, with sustainable energy sources and cleaner environment. No matter if you are a business owner and not, you can apply for a free solar assessment  and take advantage of current low solar panel prices, group discounts, a rebate from Wellesley’s Light Plant and generous state & federal incentives.
  • For quite some time now, our office has not placed any amalgam/silver fillings in patients’ mouths due to the lack of clear research on how they affect a patient’s health.  In addition, we have a new system that will separate any amalgam we remove from patients so the material does not enter the waste-water stream. 

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Tooth Brush Training 101

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mom baby learning tooth brushing techniques Does your child seem unexcited about brushing their teeth? Help your child care for their teeth by teaching them proper oral care at a young age. This investment in their health will be a lifelong reward! Start by showing your child that the task of brushing is valuable. Brushing along with your child, or creating catchy songs for brushing will help encourage oral health.

The following tips are easy practices that parents can follow to get your child enthusiastic to brush their teeth and reduce their risk from getting cavities:

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