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Prostate Trouble? Your Dentist Can Help

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Researchers are finding even more connections between oral health and the health of your body. Periodontal health for men and women is crucial as it can influence several other health factors.

Current research suggests that there is a higher prevalence of periodontal disease in men (56.4%) than in women (38.4%). Researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine and the Departments of Urology and Pathology at University Hospitals Case Medical Center found a link between gum disease and prostatitis, a disease that causes inflammation of the prostate gland in men.  Since the prostate gland is located between the bladder and the penis, inflammation of this gland can make urination difficult. Inflammation of the prostate gland also causes prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels to rise above normal amounts. Research has shown that men with signs of periodontal disease and prostatitis have higher levels of PSA than men with only one of the conditions.

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Skipping Breakfast May Lead To Bad Breath

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Many of us have heard the saying, “Breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day.” It’s true. Breakfast provides both children and adults the energy necessary to perform their best throughout the day. Children especially need breakfast as their bodies and minds continue to develop. Breakfast has also been shown as an important factor in maintaining a healthy body weight. Individuals who skip breakfast often have a hard time fulfilling the daily recommended vitamin and nutrients that come with a healthy breakfast. Not to mention, missing a meal can leave you hungry throughout the day and lead to snacking and eating higher portions at lunch and dinner.

Along with these reasons not to miss out on breakfast, did you know that skipping this meal can have a negative impact on your oral health? New research shows that missing breakfast can lead to bad breath (halitosis). Some people wake up in the morning with morning breath. Morning breath is often caused by a decrease in saliva production during sleep, which allows smelly bacteria to flourish in the mouth. Eating breakfast can help stimulate saliva production and wash away odor-causing bacteria, along with brushing and flossing of course.

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Are Summer Foods Ruining Your Smile?

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From sunny afternoons by the poolside to perfect evenings under the stars, summer is the best time to relax, be adventurous, and most importantly, to smile. Many of us also enjoy summer for the delicious foods, fruit juices, and tropical cocktails. Although a summer diet may appear healthy, there are some cravings that are harmful to your teeth that may take you by surprise.

Here are some treats that can damage your teeth and gums:

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Summer Fun in the Boston Area

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200469584-001School’s out and it’s time to kick back and relax this summer. There is a ton of stuff to do around town for the young and the young at heart. From beaches to performances to exhibits, we have you covered with a list of happenings in the area.

Kick it with Kismet

Sundays free admission from 10 a.m.-noon

$7.50 adults, $3 children under 18.
265 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge.

 Check out the MIT Museum’s “Robots and Beyond: Exploring Artificial Intelligence at MIT.” At this exhibit you’ll have the chance to meet robot designers,  researchers and to see the Kismet the robot.


Golf on the Village Green

Are you up for a fun game of mini-golf? The themes of the holes are “Faneuil Hall” and “Old North Church.”


Sandcastles and Surf

You won’t want to miss the largest east coast National Sand Sculpting Festival on July 14-17 at Revere Beach. There will be a kids zone and learning center for newcomers.


New England Aquarium

Central Wharf, Boston

View live animal shows, seal training sessions, and enjoy time with family at the New England Aquarium.


Whale Watching

$39.85/adult, 31.95/children 4-12, $125/family 4-pack. 
Boston Harbor Cruises: Long Wharf, Boston.

Take a cool three-hour ride on the Boston Harbor Cruise Whale Watch to see humpback, finback, and minke whales.

“The Wizard of Oz.”

Fridays from 5-9 p.m., admission $1.
Boston Children’s Museum: 308 Congress St., Boston.

The Boston Children’s Museum is having a Wizard of Oz exhibit through September 10th in celebration of the 70th anniversary. The exhibit includes a tornado, the Wicked Witch’s castle, and more exciting activities from the film.


Frog Pond Carousel

Boston Common.

Make your way to Frog Pond and ride the carousel ($3), play a few games in the park, or relax in the spray pool. In addition, August 21st is Frog Appreciation Day, and there will be many fun activities including face painting and frog racing.


Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)

July 30,  Aug. 27. 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
 100 Northern Ave., Boston.

On July 30 the ICA will be full of hands-on activities, dance performances, and fun. Also, on Aug. 27, your family will have the opportunity to create family collage portraits and watch films about marine life at the ICA.


Charles River Canoe & Kayak

Take your family to the Charles River, which provides canoe and kayak lessons, guided tours, camps, and rentals.


Tango Dancer

If you enjoy dancing, the Tango Society of Boston provides free monthly lessons on the John W. Weeks Bridge.


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Dental Breakthrough From Beavers

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Beavers are typically known for their extensive construction of dams on rivers and streams. Using their strong teeth, they’re able build their homes and live from day to day. The amazing strength of their teeth have led researches to ask, what makes them so tough?

According to researchers at Northwestern University, Beavers’ enamel is tougher and more protective against acid than regular enamel, and even enamel treated with fluoride. A study of beavers’ tooth enamel may give insights on oral health for humans.

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